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We're not just looking for Michelada enthusiasts, oh no! We want individuals who are as passionate about our products as they are about having a great time. We're seeking those who share our vision and can't wait to grow with us as a company and as individuals. If you're bursting with enthusiasm, radiate positive vibes, and are committed to spreading the Toximiche magic, then you've found your tribe!

Ignite Your Passion!

Our mission? It's simple, yet bold: we aim to turn Toximiche into a household name, spreading the Michelada love from Omaha to the Midwest, and beyond! And we know that with a team of passionate brand ambassadors like you, we can make it happen.

Toximiche Perks+

Commission and Personalized Code

  • You will receive a generous 15% commission on all sales made using your unique personalized discount code.
  • This code will be provided to you, and it will enable your audience to enjoy a discount on their purchases while also tracking your sales.

Free Products

  • Throughout the year, we will send you complimentary Toximiche Michelada Mix products, merchandise, or PR packages as a token of our appreciation.
  • These packages may include new product releases, limited edition items, or promotional materials for you to share with your followers.

Exclusive Insights

  • As a brand ambassador, you will be among the first to receive exclusive insights, updates, and news about Toximiche Michelada Mix.
  • This privileged information will keep you well-informed and allow you to share exciting updates with your audience before anyone else.

Driven Promotion

  • We are looking for ambassadors who are passionate, driven, and dedicated to promoting our products.
  • While we provide the tools and support, it is ultimately up to you to drive your sales and engage with your audience effectively.
  • We encourage creativity in your promotional efforts, such as showcasing unique recipes, hosting events, collaborating with other influencers, and more.

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